V K Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services

Services for Business

Tax Preparation
Prepare returns for Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations and LLCs

Payroll Service
Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns. Prepare year end Form W 2s for Federal, State and Employment Security Commission.

Tax Relief Services
Assist with preparing forms and schedules for Installment Agreements, Offer In Compromise, Innocent Spouse and Injured spouse applications


Bank Reconciliation
Assist businesses with the monthly preparation of bank reconciliation forms. Monthly bank reconciliation is prepared and outstanding checks are tracked. Provide better control of funds in checking account.

Bookkeeping Services
Prepare monthly bookkeeping services for profit and loss statement

Lottery Compliance
Assist business with completing and complying with South Carolina Educational Lottery compliance for Lottery Retailer.

Account Receivable and Account Payable Control
Assist businesses with collections of their account receivables and managing their account payables by reviewing their internal controls, establishing procedures and improving their processes.

New Business Formation Assistance
Provide guidance for new businesses with their compliance of city, county, state and federal filing and reporting requirements. Attention given to completing forms, developing written policy and procedure manuals and establishing internal controls.

Pick Up and Delivery Services
This optional service is available to clients who want their work picked up and delivered to their place of business.

Year Round Tax Services
Our service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Other days and times are available by appointment.

Tax Planning
Business transactions are analyzed to determine the best approach to minimize tax consequence. Planning requires detail, written explanation of facts, costs and dates.

Charitable and Non-Profit Organization
Prepare Federal Form 990 for charitable organizations. Prepare budgets and provide bookkeeping services for charitable and Non-Profit organizations.

Declaration of Estimated Tax
Provide assistance to self employed individuals to prepare their federal and state quarterly estimated tax vouchers. Assist taxpayers with determining their tax liabilities on income not subject to withholding.

Notary Services
Provide notary public services that include administer oaths, take dispositions, affidavits, protests for nonpayment of bonds, notes, drafts and bills of exchange, acknowledgements and proof of deeds.

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