V K Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services

About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of V K Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services is to hire trained and knowledgeable staff that provide quality and timely servicing of tax preparation and returns that comply with federal and state tax laws and regulations. We utilize electronic means to deliver our goods and services, and exceed our customer's expectations.

About the Owner
Vincent Karl Bartley, owner of Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services opened the doors  of his business  on July 1, 2009.  On August 10, 2009, Open House brought in an array of prospective clients grasping his vision. 

Vincent is a native of Columbia, South Carolina where he attended the public schools in Richland School District One.  He is a 1975 graduate of Eau Claire High School and a 1979 Accounting graduate from Clemson University.

For the past 29 ½ years, Vincent has worked for the South Carolina Department of Revenue.  During his tenure, he has held the following positions:  Tax Auditor, Tax Conferee, Tax Supervisor, Problem Resolution Officer and upon retiring, Tax Manager.  Vincent also has experience in withholding, sales, individual and corporate income taxes. 

Vincent is married to Vierean Henderson Bartley and they have three children, Victoria, Victor and Vanessa Joy Bartley.

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