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2018 Income Tax Checklist PDF Print E-mail
Written by V K Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services   
Sunday, 09 December 2018 21:23

2018 Checklist for Preparing Your Income Tax Return

Use our checklist as a guide to help you gather documentation for preparing your income tax return.

  • Driver’s License or other Government Issued Picture Identification

  •  Copies of your 2015, 2016 and  2017  federal and state income tax returns 

  • Copies of Birth Certificates

    • Taxpayers

    • Children

    • Parents

    • Other Dependents

  • Social Security numbers:

    • Taxpayer  

    • Spouse

    • Dependents

    • Child care provider

    • Alimony recipient

  • Personal income:

    • Employment income W-2 forms

    • Unemployment income 1099-G forms

    • Interest income 1099-INT & 1099-OID forms

    • Dividend income 1099-DIV forms

    • Brokerage transactions 1099-B forms

    • Distributions from medical savings accounts 1099-MSA forms

    • Retirement plan distribution 1099-R forms

    • Social Security benefits FORM SSA-1099

    • Alimony received

    • Gambling and lottery winnings W-2G forms

    • Jury duty pay records

    • State and local income tax refunds 1099-G forms

    • FORMS 1099-C and 1099-A for cancellation of debts

    • Other miscellaneous income

    • Dependents

    • Child care provider

    • Alimony recipient

  • Self-employment income:

    • Business income FORM 1099 K

    • Business income 1099-MISC forms or own records

    • Partnership income K-1: 1065 forms

    • S Corporation investment income K-1: 1120S forms

    • Rental property income 1099-MISC forms or own record

    • Business-related expenses

    • Employment and business taxes paid

    • Travel log

    • Business checking account bank statements – January through December 2018

    • FORM W-3 for wages paid to employees

    • List of contractors name, address and social security numbers/federal employer identification number with amounts paid.

  • Affordable Care Act documentation

    • FORM 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

    • FORM 1095-B, Employer Health Coverage Statement

    • Evidence of insurance coverage for taxpayer and dependents – insurance card

    • Months you did not have insurance coverage

  • Homeowner information:

    • Mortgage Interest 1098 forms

    • Property sales proceeds 1099-S forms

    • Real estate taxes paid

    • Rent paid

    • Moving expenses (military personnel only)

    • Homeowner insurance premium paid

  • Personal expenses:

    • Charitable donations

    • Alimony paid

    • Adoption expenses

    • Medical and dental expenses

    • Child care expenses

    • Expenses relating to employment or volunteer work

    • Education tuition 1098-T form

    • Student loan interest 1098-E form

    • Investment expenses

    • Expenses relating to job hunting or education

    • Wages paid to household employees

    • Retirement plan contributions

    • Federal, state & local income tax paid for current year

    • Records for any other expenses that may be deductible

    • Charitable contribution

    • List and values of items donated to tax exempt organizations

    • Medical and dental expenses

  • Other helpful information

    • Copies of any adjustment notice of changes made to federal or state income tax returns for prior tax years.

    • Your last pay stub for 2018.

    • E-mail address

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Why use Bartley Payroll Service (BPS)? PDF Print E-mail
Written by V K Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services   
Monday, 26 December 2011 16:34

We offer the following as part of our payroll services:

We calculate all your payroll deductions

We do Direct Deposit

We generate your payroll checks for distribution to your employees

We make your payroll tax deposits

We file your quarterly and annually employment tax returns

We provide you copies of all the work we do for you.

We answer all your payroll tax questions

We E-Verify all your employees

We prepare your FORM W 2s and FORM 1099s.

WE CAN HELP! Give us a call

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Written by V K Bartley Bookkeeping and Tax Services   
Sunday, 19 June 2011 20:49


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